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Meet the Client
Wheelers Global helps ambitious Indian students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. They offer expert guidance, application assistance, and support throughout the entire process.
The Challenge
Wheelers Global wanted to establish a strong online presence to reach a wider audience of Indian students. Their goal was to become a trusted resource and the go-to choice for students navigating the exciting, but sometimes complex, world of international education.

The Solution

We launched a multi-platform digital marketing campaign to achieve Wheelers Global's goals:

Building a Strong Website

We revamped Wheelers Global's website to be user-friendly and informative. It now features clear explanations of the application process, success stories from past students, and testimonials from satisfied parents. The website is optimized for search engines, making it easier for students searching for study abroad consultants to find Wheelers Global.

Social Media Savvy

 We created engaging social media profiles for Wheelers Global on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These profiles share valuable content like scholarship opportunities, application tips, and virtual campus tours of popular universities abroad. Interactive quizzes and polls help students explore their academic interests and target the right programs.

The Power of Video

 We created short, informative videos featuring current and past students sharing their experiences of studying abroad. These videos showcase the excitement and benefits of international education, while also addressing common concerns students might have.

Targeted Online Ads

 We developed targeted online advertising campaigns to reach students actively researching universities abroad. These ads appear on search engines like Google and social media platforms, connecting Wheelers Global with students at the right moment in their decision-making journey.


Increased Website Traffic

The number of students visiting Wheelers Global's website significantly increased, demonstrating a wider online reach.

Engaged Social Media Audience

Wheelers Global's social media platforms saw a surge in followers and interactions, fostering a community of students interested in studying abroad.

More Leads and Inquiries

The campaign resulted in a significant increase in inquiries from potential students seeking guidance and support from Wheelers Global.


By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Wheelers Global successfully established a strong online presence. They are now reaching a wider audience of Indian students aspiring to study abroad and are well-positioned to help them achieve their academic dreams. This case study demonstrates the power of a targeted digital approach in attracting new clients and propelling businesses forward.

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