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Meet the Client
Pep Coffee is a passionate coffee brand dedicated to brewing delicious coffee from scratch. They wanted to launch their brand online and sell their products directly through a user-friendly website.
The Challenge
Pep Coffee, a new brand, needed to establish itself online and capture the attention of coffee enthusiasts in a crowded marketplace.

The Solution

We crafted a unique online presence for Pep Coffee that emphasized their commitment to quality and taste, all while leveraging a trendy design element: illustrations.

Eye-Catching Illustrations

Instead of traditional photographs, Pep Coffee's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) were brought to life with vibrant and engaging illustrations. These illustrations showcased the coffee-making process, brewing methods, and of course, the joy of enjoying a perfect cup of Pep Coffee.

Simple & Informative Website

  •  A user-friendly website was designed to showcase Pep Coffee's story and products. The website provided clear information about the coffee beans used, brewing methods, and the ordering process. While illustrations weren't used on the website for a more professional look, the overall tone remained consistent with the social media presence.


Standing Out from the Crowd

Pep Coffee's unique use of illustrations on social media grabbed attention and helped them differentiate themselves from other coffee brands.

Engaging with Coffee Lovers

The engaging illustrations sparked conversations online, allowing Pep Coffee to connect with potential customers who shared their love of coffee.

Building an Online Community

The vibrant social media presence helped Pep Coffee build a community of coffee enthusiasts eager to try their freshly brewed products.


Pep Coffee’s online launch, fueled by creative illustrations and a user-friendly website, successfully established the brand in the competitive coffee market. This case study demonstrates the power of visual storytelling and targeted online strategies for attracting new customers and building a loyal brand following.

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