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Meet the Client
Dr. Preethi Dental is a friendly and professional dental clinic in Hyderabad, offering a range of dental care services. Dr. Preethi wanted to become more recognized in the local area and establish a strong online presence to educate patients about dental health.
The Challenge
Many people in Hyderabad weren't aware of Dr. Preethi Dentofacial Clinic services, and there wasn't a readily available source of local dental information online.

The Solution

We created a user-friendly website for Dr. Preethi Dental showcasing their services, appointment booking options, and contact information. We also implemented a local SEO strategy to ensure the website appeared in searches for dentists near Chakradharpur.

Educating with Ease

To educate the community, we created informative blog posts on Dr. Preethi Dentofacial Clinic website covering common dental concerns, the importance of good oral hygiene, and the benefits of different dental treatments. We also launched engaging social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to share these blog posts in the creatives, dental health tips, and answer patient questions directly.


Dr. Preethi Dentofacial Clinic website became easier to find for people searching for dentists in Hyderabad.

Engaging social media content helped educate the community about dental health.

The online presence allowed Dr. Preethi Dental to connect with potential patients and establish themselves as a trusted dental care provider in the local area.

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